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         Spring massage & spa is one of a kind of health massage for life with exceptionally service & treatment designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit in a tranquil atmosphere.


        Spring massage & spa is dedicated to creating a unique spa with spring signature massage, offering a blend of relaxing and uplifting massage therapies from the ancient Thai technique and the healing nature of Thai herb therapies to enhance and balance the flow of energy throughout your body.




        The name ‘Spring’ refers to direct your senses towards re-energizing treatments to follow. We are pleased our guest to feel instantly transformed and renewed by simply being here at Spring massage & spa. The resulting experience is one that removes you from the rigours of the outside world and places you within a comforting space with experts trained to ease away any tension.




        Take time out to relax and rejuvenate with Spring signature massage. Relax your body and mind during a magical time with a day The Sanctuary which will be filled with ease, comfort and most of all pampering!



        The idea of Spring signature massage will be suitable for releasing your tension and your muscle stiffness. The massage pressure will be medium to the firm which makes you feel pressure on your muscle and area of your stiffness. The guest might be discomfort, but not so long you’re working with an experienced therapist who knows when to stop, it shouldn’t be a problem.”




        Start with a shower in the private treatment room before the massage. For the best result after the massage, please drink a lot of water to drain the toxin from your body and please take time off to relax your body for a few days before doing some activities.



For the Last Booking

Phrom Phong is at 21.00pm

G Tower is at 20:30pm

Asok is at 21:00pm

Phuket is at  22:00pm


Due to the large number of customers come to the spa, please make an appointment one day in advance and wait for our reply to confirm.


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