The name ‘Spring’ refers to direct your senses towards re-energizing treatments to follow. We are pleased our guest to feel instantly transformed and renewed by simply being here at Spring massage & spa. The resulting experience is one that removes you from the rigors of the outside world and places you within a comforting space with experts trained to ease away any tension.




           Spring massage & spa is dedicated to creating a unique spa with spring signature massage, offering a blend of relaxing and uplifting massage therapies from the ancient Thai technåique and the healing nature of Thai herb therapies to enhance and balance the flow of energy throughout your body.




        Providing a selection of massage and spa treatment to reduce stress and anxiety, making it the perfect spa treatment when your body is in need of serious relaxation. Heal yourself with the power of touch: choose from Warm Oil, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Thai Massage… and the list goes on!








        An urban spa break is a pause from the everyday. Enjoy spa treatments, unique locations,  superb hospitality – transport yourself to another world with a supreme treatment getaway.









        Preparing a clean spa to lead you a comfortable relaxation experience. Treatment rooms are clean and changed all the towels and bedsheets for beginning your well-being journey.








        Transferring good energy by an experienced therapist, waiting for you to comfort yourself with our hospitality.